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The Nios2 processor is a softcore from Altera. This processor has been the first supported by Tiny with a version capable of running pForth.

The new reference platform for Tiny is a custom Nios2 based FPGA system. It has been designed with simplicity in mind and includes "classic" peripherals such as UARTs, SPI, GPIOs plus a 16bits (rgb565) memory mapped linear framebuffer. Still under development, the final design is targeting the DE0/DE1 boards from Terasic with a WQVGA (480x272) display attached to it.

Latest updates

may 12 2010: tiny_nios2_051210 released.
nov 20 2009: tiny_nios2_112009 released.

--- releases ---
tiny_nios2_051210.tar.gz [bin] [release notes]
tiny_nios2_112009.tar.gz [bin] [release notes]

--- cross compiler ---
__build instructions__
[host: ppc / MacOS X 10.4]
binutils 2.15 [Altera Nios II 8.0]
./configure --prefix=/opt/nios2-elf --target=nios2-elf
gcc 3.4.6 [Altera Nios II 8.0]
cd gcc
mkdir build
cd build
../configure -v --prefix=/opt/nios2-elf --target=nios2-elf \
--with-gnu-ld --with-gnu-as --enable-languages=c --without-headers \
--disable-nls --disable-libssp --disable-multilib --disable-threads

__precompiled binaries__
nios2-elf_9.1_osx_ppc.tar.gz [instructions] [MacOS X 10.5/ppc]
nios2-elf_9.0_osx_ppc.tar.gz [instructions] [MacOS X 10.5/ppc]
nios2-elf_8.0_osx_ppc.tar.gz [instructions] [MacOS X 10.4/ppc]

--- experimental ---
[not yet available]

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[07/2010] Copyright (c) 2010 Noel Lemouel
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