tiny, a Swiss Army Knife for boards bring-up and standalone memory-sensitive embedded applications development. Currently have various level of support for MIPS, ARM, PowerPC and Nios2 cores.

classicvg, classic video gaming is one of my favorite hobbies. This page contains various utilities I wrote for vintage machines as well as a few assembly and C program examples. Mostly related to the original monochrome Game Boy so far.

orion, a successful attempt at designing a custom FPGA based System-on-Chip with basic video capabilities.

orx, an extremely basic protocol to easily exchange data between devices through a simple serial link, primarily RS232. Utility programs provided to show how to implement it across multiple host platforms (MS Windows, MacOSX, Linux, BSD...).

mmm dd 2013: PIC32MX150F128B board with a 2x16 LCD interface.



may 10 2013: mmc/sd over gpio driver for tiny.

jan 21 2013: improved pbm decoder and lcd_128x64 simulator.

  Sony Playstation2 Linux (2005)
  Sun ultra5 (UltraSparc IIi) + Debian (2006)
  Hacking the ATI Radeon Linux kernel driver [EDID tweak and WVGA resolution] (2007)
  Portable EFIKA 5K2 prototype [IMGP1931.JPG] [IMGP1932.JPG] [IMGP1949.JPG] [youtube] (2007)
  Cross platform 32k Game Boy cartridge emulator [picture] [video] (2004) [French]
  Altera ACEX development board (2006)
  International workshop on Embedded Systems (IWES6) / Vaasa, Finland [gallery]
  DVB-T (digital TV) description (2005) [French]
  Tubes based audio amplification (2004) [French]

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